This evening I received a wonderful surprise of a parcel hand delivered by this wonderfully creative person who has an equally wonderful personality. 'Pat'. You just can't help but love her. She is unselfish in showing her love and appreciation and she is someone you just feel you need to protect. She is both vibrant and vivacious but fragile at the same time. Pat makes these wonderul silk boxes which she embellishes with ribbons/lace/flowers/beads. When she is ready, I will share her website. Sometime ago she had asked me what my favourite colour is and I told her turquoise. Whilst my photography doesn't show how pretty this box is, it is actually a very well thought out creation. Using my favourite colour, she has embellished the box top with czech glass flowers, turquoise chips, swarovski crystals, pearls all to represent my garden.

This is something I can't say enough of - I am very blessed to have met so many wonderful people through my beading passion. All of them have touched my life in some way. The majority of them have become to some degree, friends. Many have become very close friends and they share with me much of their joy/sadness/achievements/almost achievements. They have taught me many things. Every person that has communicated with me has added something to my life - joy/patience/understanding/to be forgiving/less judgemental/strive to be a better person. So how can I not be thankful for this special blessing of a talent that has led me to make so many friends. Its not about the material things that have touched my life but the 'person to person' interaction.

Pat is one of the people I met online and became friends with.

To Pat - Thank you very much.

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