Today we mark the 42nd year of Independence of our tiny island Singapore. To many, this is just another National holiday but to me this is a day I reflect on how blessed we are. Whilst at this very point in time many around the world are taking their first or last breaths, scavanging for a morsel of sustenance, doing back breaking work to eke out a living, praying that their trip out of their house will be a safe trip, that they can walk around without fear of being blown to bits, or being the target of an insensitive remark or slur or fighting for freedom or human rights, almost all of us in Singapore are breathing in the fresh morning air after the orvernight rain, rejoicing that the National Day Celebrations at Marina Bay will not be marred by wet weather and just thankful to be alive.

We don't live in a 'perfect' country. Far from it. To each his own. The grass on the other side always looks greener but the best part is, there is nothing to stop us from crossing over to the other side to check out the grass. Whilst I am also taken in by the usual grouses and dinner table bantering about whether or not we have real freedom/democracy/why I have to pay more for my daily needs, why everything seems to be getting more expensive, I don't forget the fact that I have freedom of choice - real or perceived - and I am happy. I am aware that there are many of my fellow citizens who are lonely, sick, hungry, poor and I wish I had some way of alleviating their pain and suffering. However, I am also realistic. I don't have a magic wand. What I do and how I do my part to contribute to making things better for them is of course private and not something to boast about, but what I do wish that we all, the whole world over, learn to live with each other in peace. A piped dream perhaps but I'm known to be a dreamer.

So, on this day, 42 years after we gained our independence I want to wish all my fellow Singaporeans - HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY!

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Kamoe said...

Wish you too a happy celebration.
You're right, we can't take care to the whole world, but if everyone would take care to their next neighbour how wonderful our world could be. We are all mothers, fathers, children even our skin tone is red, yellow, black or white, there's no difference in our dreams.