BELIEVE (BL 734-07) S$55 SOLD

I've been working on private orders and at times at my wits end when I try to multi task. In the last couple of years since I embarked on this new hobby/project I have found many moments where I can reflect on my life, on things around me and the one thing that features very greatly in my life is 'belief' - my belief in a Being greater than myself that guides me along, that never throws me into a situation I can't get out of that has taught me to believe in myself. Life is only so long and whilst we're passing thru' this wonderful place we have to make the best use of it. I wish for a lot of things and I believe I have achieved much of it - not necessarily in material wealth but in terms of happiness, enlightenment and peace. This bracelet sums up a lot of what I'm trying to say here. Its a lovely polymer clay bracelet, separated by nickel free brass links, lovely blue amazonite beads and ending off with 2 inspirational charms - WISH & BELIEVE. Need I say more =D

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