FLORA (BL 737-07) S$55 SOLD

Whilst today has been a ghastly day in terms of the weather in our usually sunny Singapore, I on the other hand had a wonderfully relaxing and beautiful day spent with none other than my husband. We dropped our daughter off at work, I did my mailing and then we had a long leisurely lunch at a Japanese restaurant. Talking about anything and everything we both agreed that simple pleasures are the ones to treasure most. Freedom to say and do what you like, not having to look over your shoulder, moving around anyplace we like, those are things we take for granted but today we agreed that these are the most treasured activities that we are able to enjoy.....Anyway, our gallivanting means I did very little in terms of creative work and the one bracelet which I've completed wasn't in time for me to catch the nice sun that came out towards late evening. I'll attempt to inspire you with my imagination and you would be able to appreciate this piece a little better ;p
Charoite stones linked to polymer clay lentils by nickel free brass links have lucite flowers and brass charms as embellishment. The purple of the charoite go nicely with the clay lentils which feature floral prints in shades of purple. A 'hammered' brass donut toggle secures this around your wrist.

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