Whilst I haven't managed to capture the exquisite essence of the gemstones in this necklace, I will try and give a more thorough synopsis so the necklace stands up and shows itself for the beauty she really is - sterling silver fine chain holds 12 finely faceted aquamarine (in the palest of shades - chosen so it does'nt overwhelm the moonstones) and moonstone brios on either arm of the 'Y' and dropping daintily from the center is a strand of faceted softest of aqua tones, rondells and the finale is a slightly darker, slightly larger than the teardrops used on the arms of the Y - an aqua teardrop. Whilst my photography might leave a lot to be desired, this is a delicate, precious piece when seen in reality.

I am not superstitious and definitely not a prude but there are some things I really am a sucker for.......... certain traditions are stuck in me .............. I love the old adage "something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue" where weddings are concerned. This is the "something new and something blue" =D

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