I would like to take this opportunity to thank Ms Uma and Mr Jalil Sam of Singapore Post Ltd., for going that extra mile to ensure that my registered mail reaches their destination. Thank you too for explaining to me the process - from post office to the final destination of the addressee.

I had some issues with SingPost (they were big enough in my opinion for me to shed all my 'niceness') and wrote to their CEO out of frustration but the follow up and the dedication shown by their officers is something I never expected from a government agency. Oops........ did I say that out loud. Oh well. Its the truth.

From the Siglap Post Office where we decided I should consolidate my mail, to the Parcels Division at Singapore Post Centre, I have received impeccable service. Inspite of how our 'relationship' started, it has ended on an extremely impressive note. Thank you very, very much for going that extra mile. Thank you too for the Christmas card. I am truly appreciative.

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