Last night, for want of something better to do, my husband and I took a drive to Chinatown, parked the car and walked and walked thru' the side streets of Chinatown. Its a couple more weeks before the Lunar New Year or Spring Festival and the streets of Chinatown are chockablock with stalls in a bazaar sort of atmosphere. Every stall would be or at least should be selling delicacies, plants and flowers, couplets,food,clothes........all in preparation for the coming Chinese New year. We felt like tourists in our own country. Walking with throngs of other people - both local and tourists - it was truly a festive atmosphere. As usual, with crowd mentality taking rein, we bought stuff we didn't really want or need. It was fun too for my husband to join in the queue for the barbecued sweet meat which is currently being sold at S$44/kg.

I know.........I'm a pleb. I stood in front of the decorated/lit buildings to have my photo taken.

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