"A majestic flower abounding in supreme beauty, sublime grace and the aura of transcendence. Waters rise but the lotus rises above them. The sun burns and freezing winters mount but the lotus neither sweats nor shivers. And, cyclones move the earth but the rising dust, enshrouding everything from the earth to the sky, does not reach it. Nothing pollutes its purity, nor affects anything in its celestial quiescence. Neither the winds shake it nor does frost freeze. Depths below and heights above do not frighten it. Detached,it crouches over its resplendent bed stretching far and wide cradling on its bosom the forms from the world around and the formlessness from above" This is something I extracted from the internet which I find so refreshing and so perfect in describing this set of pillows.

Teamed with a fancy jasper briolette and a mauve aventurine above, the pillows need nothing else to showcase the beauty within. Colours are far nicer in reality. Dropping at 7 cm this is so apt for the coming spring festival. All metal components are 14k goldfill. Clay by Karin.

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