Inspired by a necklace/pendant I saw Carly Smithson (the contestant with the huge tattoo on her right arm) using on Tuesday night's edition of American Idol, I decided to make one using a similar looking pendant I have in stock. Even before I could complete or upload the necklace I got a request from someone who had also watched the show and who fell in love with the necklace too. Lucky ST gets to own this piece. Whilst Carly's was just a plain black pendant, I've used a smooth black banded agate pendant. 14k goldfill chain with links around 13mm wide, make up the chain. Another photo shows the necklace in full. In no way am I saying this is as good as or better than Carly's necklace. I was just inspired by it. It looked good on her and I find the design clean and elegant. My kind of style.

I don't watch TV on a regular basis. For reasons unknown I will stop everything just to catch AI. Of course this season has hotties like David Archuleta - every mother would melt at his baby face - David Cook, Michael Johns (who for some insane reason got voted out the previous week) and Jason Castro with the dreamy eyes. OK, think I just explained to myself why I watch the show. All things being equal, I also watch it because (Oh gosh I'm going to get hate mail)I like Simon Cowell. I love the way he speaks - the clipped British accent - and he is the most astute and honest judge. He has very little time for BS and just says it as he sees it. Some find him rude, I find him honest.


Sharon said...

Oh! I love Carly (both the contestant and your necklace!).

Gotta agree with you about Simon. I find myself nodding in agreement most of the time with his comments!

And I do sooo love the guys on AI this season.

Belinda Lee said...

I remember now. You're an AI fan too. Once last year I went to drop off something in yr mailbox but you were engrossed with the show and didn't see my sms.

Yup. I know the guys are going to be on till right up to the end of this season so I am eagerly waiting for Wednesday ;p