I messed up here with the photography but I kind of like this 'look' so I'll upload it and then put up a daytime shot tomorrow. Without too much embellishment I'd have to describe these multi faceted pink amethyst coins as flawless in terms of clarity, cut and colour. With a diameter of approx 9 mm, they each dangle off a goldfill chain which is draped with rubilite garnets which measure approx 5 mm down. Together the pink amethyst weigh in at approx 6 carats whilst the accumulative weight of the garnets is approx 7.2 carats. This creation drops at approx 5.5 cm.

If you know your gemstones well, you will know that this is a 'steal'. Excellent quality stones - genuine gemstone quality and not coloured glass. Never look a gift horse in the mouth. Just because I've priced this at an unbelievably low price, rest assured that you are getting way more than you bargained for. You have my word on that.


Wan said...

So pretty! And yes, these are a steal!!! Lucky owner! ;)

Belinda Lee said...

Thanks so much Wan. I do appreciate your acknowledgement of the value of this pair. I'm feeling generous......... heehee...... for how long ?????