AMY BL359-08 -Very generously priced @ S$55 SOLD

Today, I spent a short while in the morning, at the office of our Customs and Immigration Dept in Paya Lebar. I usually try to maximise my shipping costs which can be anything between US$30 - US$45, by loading my shopping cart with my gemstones. This last shipment really hit me where it hurts most, my pocket! I was way over the US285 - US$288 which is my limit for keeping my invoice cost below S$400 and I avoid paying 7% GST. This last round I was obviously in lalaland when 'shopping' and had to present myself this morning before my parcel would be released. Its more the hassle of having to waste time at the premises and the fact that the 7% could have been more wisely spent but............this is a very painful reminder for me to not go overboard again!

So here we have some of the gemstones I collected today. Beautiful chandellier cut amethyst brios and an array of smooth pink tourmalline rondells, faceted rose quartz and garnet rondells and a couple of faceted moonstone brios. All assembled with 14k goldfill pins, wires and earwires. Amethyst brios measure approx 10mm in length and the size difference in the photo is due to one side being closer to the camera than the other. I usually try to 'match' them as closely as possible. These drop at 4.5 cm.

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