JAZZ BL634-08 S$75 SOLD

One photo is over exposed and the other has little lighting. It started to turn cloudy as I prepared to take this photo.........I adjusted my work lamps and turned on to me and used a flash and the result is the photo of JAZZ when has now started raining and dark rain clouds have blocked the sun so the photo of JAZZ on the table top has less light....... 12 mm agate coins, sterling silver spacer beads, smooth cape amethyst and faceted smokey quartz rondells make up this necklace which features a large, smooth, oval amethyst nugget which I have set with sterling silver wirework and a little cluster of freshwater seed pearls, faceted amethyst brio and a few faceted tourmaline and moonstone rondells. Necklace length is 16", pendant drop is approx 5 cm

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Anonymous said...

woww Belinda I love all of them but this one is my favorite because of this is my stone ametist. Kisses