As I wait patiently for my new camera and for the rain clouds to pass, thought I'd just write about................ nothing .......

Since I started crafting and opening up my life and my work to all and sundry I have come across the nicest people I could ever dream of meeting.......near and far.........Germany, Turkey, Uzbekistan,Spain, UK, USA, parts of Europe I was ignorant enough not to know about, and many, many others and of course tonnes from our little hometown Singapore. With the generous and the good I've also met the ugly, envious and malicious.......... Do the latter bother me??? Do I lose sleep over them????? Nup, Nup and Nup! I hear of crafters who post long 'blacklists' of 'dead buyers'. I always tell them, don't bother. Sociopaths need attention and if you don't give them the attention they need they start to seethe, grovel and spew more evil and eventually wallow and die in their own vermin. We move on because we don't entertain non-entities as we don't know their identities, so to us they don't exist, but they know us and it must be really eating away at them when they find out that we just don't care. I'm giving them a little air time because I got a long email from someone who asked me how do I deal with such people. My response - I don't! They want a reaction, they thrive on negativity but they cringe when you don't give them ammo to fuel their envy =D

So DS, its OK. Don't let it get to you. The time could be better spent thinking up of new stuff to post in your shop. Just be happy. It'll show in your creations. Good luck.

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