I'm slowly putting away my beads as I have scheduled Wednesday 17th December as the day I do my last mail out as I realise I have so much to do and so little time left to do it. I was thinking of keeping this creation till after Christmas but I didn't want to have to wrap it and store it away until after the festivities so here it is for all to admire. This lovely opalite pendant measures just about 1" before considering the bail etc. I've added a photo of the pendant close up because the one on the necklace was taken with a flash and the beautiful stone reflected the light taking away the opacity of this milky white stone with beautiful faceting and
muted flashes.

The necklace comprises faceted agate, a couple of faceted labradorite, a single moonstone creating a 'drop' for the pendant and sterling silver chain links. Necklace measures approx 15.5"

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