GARNET BL714-08 S$40

CITRINE BL715-08 S$40

I couldn't resist this! I've still been working on my jewelry crafting except now I don't have deadlines to adhere to so I am able to do my own stuff and only start on my crafting when I have some spare time.

Here's a peek into a range that I'll be offering after the Christmas/New Year Season and perfect for the Lunar New Year. Featuring mainly swarovski crystals matched with semi precious gemstones and of course my trademark sterling silver/goldfilled accents.

Here are 2 creations. A lovely apricot brandy tone faceted coin and matching bow suspended from a GF chain and ending with GF earwires.

The second pair features a garnet tone swarovski crystal flower topped by a faceted crystal quartz coin and sterling silver earwires.

Prices will range from between $38 - $45 per pair

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