Last night we had an early Chinese New Year Reunion dinner with my in-laws. My father in law is not doing too well so we thought it would be a good idea to bring this forward so that he'd be able to have his entire family around him whilst he's still well enough to enjoy the food, the company of his sons and daughters and his grandchildren and the general merriment when such a large number of people gather under one roof.

He is quite an amazing man. Never ever complaining. Constantly thanking us and apologizing for being an inconvenience because of his illness. After the thanksgiving prayer he made a little speech, all of which involved him thanking his family for being so good to him. I find that so amazing. Even at this stage he is selfless, forgiving and grateful. So much for the rest of us to learn from this humble man.


Lareina said...

I think you must have the most loving family ever!
happy CNY and may God bless you richly during this festive season

Love, lareina

Belinda Lee said...

Thank you so much Lariena. We are very blessed. Happy CNY to you too and hope you won't be travelling too much during the festive season. Take care.