Last night I caught up with some acquaintances and some friends from way back when ...............

We had 2 friends in from London that I had caught up with about a year ago. They're in town again. They were fun. Dinner at Spice Junction was good. However, in the space of 4 or so hours we were all together, I learnt truly doesn't matter what kind of an education you received whilst growing up or your choice of career or life partner, but it does matter what you've derived from your education and what sort of a person you've turned out to be in the end. Cultured or common or nouveau riche.

It was entertaining to a point. Some of the conversation was entertaining, some tasteless, some left a bad taste in the mouth. We were like chalk and cheese. I so wanted to say to someone I hadn't seen since I left school - "hello, so nice to see you again, absolutely great that you look so good", "how's the family? "rather than a crass "hey, you put on weight" or "what car do you drive now?" For me, that set the tone and the pace of the gathering. I chose to sit and listen and not get dragged into some of the innane conversation about frivolous stuff like how much someone pays her Dance Instructor for his company or what the engine capacity of your car is or what brand of car you drive. Does it matter? I don't give a toss even if this person is a socialite because its just distasteful. We don't know each other well enough to know if we have any personal connection with the person they're discussing and even if we have no personal connection, its distasteful. Thats my opinion because thats the person I am. Absolute waste of time. No value added conversation.

Did they find me boring, probably. Do I care - Nope! Are they speculating that my life isn't as hip and happenning as theirs (aarrrrgggghhhhh..........I'm gagging), maybe. Life is short, we have friends and then we have some. I love my friends, the people who are part of my life, who colour my life and who do not judge. The others? Well, they are happy and they have each other.

Oooops! forgot to mention I own more than one car, don't live in the heartlands, don't need to I sound crass? Absolutely! Get the picture? Good.


Chyna.Town.Girl said...

Good on you Aunty Bel!! You dont need material things to lead a happy life...:)

P.S:Can I link you to my blog?

Belinda Lee said...

Thank you Dee! Absolutely spot on ;p

Well done on your blog. I've added you to my blogroll. See you before you go back to WA