Whilst I have received many UPS packages of my craft supplies over the last couple of days, and have started on some new pieces, most of my time this week has been spent between the podiatrist and a speciality shoe shop. I've always loved heels but unfortunately recently I have had a painful bunion with a compounded problem of a pinched nerve between the big toe and the second toe. A visit to the podiatrist and an x-ray just confirmed what I had been dreading. No more heels and worst still, for at least 70% of the time I have to use 'prescribed' shoes into which orthotics can be inserted. I've warned my daughter who wears killer heels everyday that she'll be headed in the same direction if she continues with her current shoe choice but its fallen on deaf ears.

The good part is these shoes from Heel and Toe - Tanglin Mall or Palais Renaissance - have the most comfortable shoes I've ever slipped my feet into. I've to use this pair (I refused to choose the blacks or browns or beige range because those reallllly look like 'special needs' shoes) which is ultra comfortable, for 2 weeks and then see the podiatrist again when she'll decide if I can do with a simple orthotic insert or if a custom insert is required. If you really want some ultra comfortable walking shoes, check out the Kumfs selection at either of the Heel and Toe outlets. Don't let the cost be a deterrent. Worth every cent.

Note: the 'designer comfort' shoes are the red ones by Kumf and not the killer heels shown!


Wan said...

I *love* Kumfs! I had been wearing them for almost 3 years now and no longer have that nagging back pain due to foot problems. Love their mary-jane series. A pity that the one I love, named Tutu is no longer in production.

They are expensive, but are very lasting. I wear mine everyday for school/work and it lasted 1 year plus. But I was told I have elephant feet! LOL. So yours might last longer. ;)

Hope your feet gets better!

Belinda Lee said...

Hi Wan!

To be honest, I have passed Heel & Toe on several occassions but have never actually stepped inside until yesterday.

I have to agree with you that they're very, very comfortable.

Sharon said...

Oh Bel, you got my hopes at the start, I thought you were gonna say you found comfortable walking killer heels!!!! Haha...guess I'm in the same league as your daughter...though I do wear flats on weekends.

Take care of your feet! Our feet really do get abused by us too much.

Belinda Lee said...

Hi Sharon,

I'll definitely do a post if I find comfortable 'killer heels'! Apparently we only have 26 bones in each foot and we put so much stress on them when we wear heels.
There's a Cantonese phrase that my husband used to use on me which basically translates to being more concerned about looks that your life and now we have to use that on our daughter. Like you and me at one point, its not affecting her choice of heels =D