Part of our flower bed in the back garden has been turned into a vegetable patch by my husband. His first 'crop' - okra or ladies fingers. In the larger photo are the little fingers that are currently around 1-1/2" in length. These were planted from seeds which our neighbour gave him. We live on a street which has a cul-de-sac and at the end of which is a forested area. Our neighbor is fortunate enough to have an exceptionally huge piece of land adjoining his property and on which he grows okra, eggplant (brinjals), bananas (several different varieties), long beans, 4-angled beans, bitter gourd, angled loofahs and winter melons. No chemical fertilizers are used ........... We can look forward to home grown (own backyard) varieties of veggies soon.

btw - he has several ponds on that piece of land. The ponds are filled with fish that are from fry caught by my husband, our neighbour and his cousin. Fresh fish and vegetables, who could ask for more =D

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