Just a short post to update those of you who already know and those who don't as to why there has been little 'action' on the creative front. I am now starting with some of my private orders and will put up new stuff over the weekend,but have not really done anything the whole of yesterday and today because of the little 'surgery' I had on my right hand yesterday. No biggie. My hand is 'usable' but the 'wound' is in an awkward location and makes holding of my jewellery tools a little awkward. So thats the story. Thank you those who knew and who have been in contact with its not a big deal I didn't feel a need to say anything to others.

Today, I had a nice leisurely lunch and am now back home and attemtping to start something new. Tonnes of new gemstones haven't even been sorted, recorded etc., so I have my weekend cut out for me.

Thank you once again!


Thank you for all the SMS's....truly I am fine....just a teeny weeny bit of surgery on the palm....just an awkward position as the handles of my pliers press on it so I am taking it S L O W =D


wanderinrhapsody said...

get well soon! :)

Kamoe said...

Speedy recovery my friend!

Sharon said...

Hey Bel, glad to hear it's nothing too serious. Speedy recovery!!

Belinda Lee said...

Thank you Rachel, Karin, Sharon!

Basically due to my over zealousness when crafting and not being careful with my bits of wire. Everything is good and there's no more pain and I can start on my crafting again.

Many thanks!