This evening my husband loaded his bike and mine onto the car and we set off to cycle along the boardwalk.....Very enjoyable.. an evening spent doing something very meaningful and at the end of this little escapade of cycling for exercise I hope to be at least teriffic and my husband can remain trim and taut =D

Some people are blessed to be naturally trim, taut and teriffic. I won't say I'm not blessed but I have been idle....just sitting and playing with my beads so how can I expect to be T x 3. No more excuses now. I am addicted to phones...I never leave home without my mobile. No wallet, no phone and I start to panic. We had to stop many times so I could respond to sms's/emails.....I'm sure the other parties were'nt expecting instantaneous responses but I just don't feel good if I don't respond immediately. My husband deliberately took one of me with his camera when I stopped to respond to a text msg. Didn't bother me one bit =D

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