What sounded like an altercation between Buddy our pet dog and the neighbour's cat turned out to be something even more sinister. We heard a kerfuffle and rather loud, fierce barking from Buddy and on checking found a monkey on our backyard wall, about to pounce on Buddy's bowl of kibbles!!

Red alert! We immediately shut all windows/doors, basically sealing off access to the house and then a mad rush for cameras and me hiding with Buddy who was ready to go into battle, and the monkey gave everyone the run around....from the back wall on to the roof of the 1st level and then on to the patio roof, balcony, roof of the main house, fruit trees, back fence and the merry go round began. I called the police who referred me to the AVA - Agro Veterinary Agency - hmph! by which time the monkey was on its merry way down the street in search of food.....

Whilst we do have a little bit of bushland - sort of a jungle - and have seen a couple of squirrels and errr....snakes....this is the first monkey we've seen.

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S said...

I had a monkey living in my old neighbourhood and it was terror. Good thing to have your windows and doors closed once you noticed the monkey. It is very destructive!!