Custom orders are'nt the easiest to fulfill. I've learnt to accept each one as a challenge. A request for a multi chain necklace with a 'unique' pendant and some gemstones and a fixed budget really made me dig through my supplies stock. I have long stopped using plated material opting instead for the more superior quality of sterling silver and goldfilled or vermeil, but I do have a fairly large stock from way back when. I am happy too that I have a rather big stock of Vintaj chains and findings. To fulfill this 'challenge' I have chosen natural brass as my material base, added in some plated silver and gold chains - short spurts only and to complement the large fluorite carved leaf pendant, I've used pale lavendar amethyst, frosted amethyst, lavender tone agate and a couple of rose quartz beads - wheel and coin shape. Quite happy with how its turned out and happier still that Sarah loves it without having to make any adjustments/alterations. Leaf measures approx 2" x 1.25" (at its broadest) and necklace measures approx 26". Customer satisfaction - always give what they want but spice it up with excellent quality and craftsmanship.

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