I'm off on a short buying trip this weekend so I'm finishing off as much as I can of my custom orders and then mail them off over the next two days. Looking forward to this short holiday and to bringing back more supplies. As I use mainly high end gems and semi-precious stones, I need to get to the source to actually 'see', feel the stones. Goldfilled and sterling silver findings are available wholesale from my US vendors and whilst I do have very reliable Indian suppliers I still get very excited to visit the Indian and Afghani vendors to see their stash in reality.

I am not big on procrastination but I find a lot of my time is torn between crafting, plurking and playing 'dress up' on polyvore. Yah....thats my current time waster. This was introduced to me by a few customers who were inspired by some of the accessories and then I got hooked ;p Plurkies....this is really cool!

OK...back to work!

ps - I will still be contactable via email when I'm away and will respond as soon as I am able to.

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