GYPSY BLB 031-09 S$68 SOLD

I'm so in love with this gorgeous pair! Something about the color combo or the layout or something brings to mind a beautiful flamenco dancer with her jet black hair pulled back, sleek and coiffured, a large red fascinator pinned to her bun and a flouncy vibrant dress.
Faceted black rutilated quartz briolettes, a cluster of rubies, black spinel, corrundum and moonstone and a fitting finish in the form of these lovely earposts. Of course this would look stunning on the lobes of a bride after she changes out of her wedding gown and into her evening gown and takes the first dance of the evening as Mrs XXX.

Drop of approx 5 cm.

Just realised I uploaded this on the wrong blog =D

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Kamoe said...

I fell in love too Belinda! The combination of rutilated quarz and the pinks are TDF. About your craftmenship I can always say the same... fantastic!