BREE BL318-09 S$90 SOLD

Quiet days before the year comes to an end and I find myself restless after not creating anything new for a week or more. Last night I sorted out my new stones and did the usual pricing etc. and the arranging and placing of stones in individual little boxes brought this creation to mind. So the boxes of amethyst and ametrine were taken out of the drawers and placed before me, a little doodling on paper and I came up with a lariat style necklace. Faceted pink amethyst flat nuggets, irregular shape and oval shape faceted dark amethyst nuggets and a cluster of smooth ametrine chips. A lovely textured vermeil toggle fastens at the front.
Pink amethyst nuggets are a lovely pale mauve tone and might present itself differently on your monitor but it is a gorgeous tone of amethyst.

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