The most exciting time of the much to do so little time to do goes on...

Over and above my crafting (which I wish I could do without having to stop to rest, eat, sleep or whateva) I need to organise my Christmas shopping - nothing done so far with the exception of my order placed with the Butchery for my Christmas meats for roasting etc., make sure the garden and the turf thats just been replanted are all up and running before then, stock up on the cakes and cookies, take time to reflect on the reason for the Season ....and carry on in between with my crafting.

I have lost track of time. I was so certain that today's the 12th of December and even thought to myself why the Post Office isn't with the program and has their digital calendar showing 11th December.

To ensure everything is in sync I have written all the 'TO DO's" in my organizer.....


1) Get with the program
2) Make sure I follow thru'
3) errrr.....sheesh...I've got 8 more necklaces to complete....

OK....I've got my list.

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