Chrysoprase is a very rare form of quartz. Its most striking attribute is its beautiful color, that of a green apple. However it also comes in a very dark green. Chrysoprase contains traces of nickel; the nickel that is found inside the Chrysoprase is what gives it its color.

One of the more popular places to find Chrysoprase is in Australia where it is mined (Queensland, Western Australia). It is usually sold as Australian Jade, due to its resemblance to this gemstone.

In this simple creation, I've left the beauty of the green to be admired without over embellishment. Shaded chrysoprase rondells and blue flash moonstones trickle down a sterling silver chain and end just above the milky apple green briolettes. This arrangement drops @ 3.5cm. The earposts measure 1.2 cm in diameter.

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