It seems like eons away that I first met Karin. So much has changed since then....she's diversified, she's moved to a lovely place in the country and our friendship has just gotten stronger over the years! I am really proud of Karin. When I first met her online, I in my naivete of 'global' internet chatting assumed she was fluent in the English language. Whilst she did apologize for her lack of fluency, she has more than made up for it over the years because I would now say she writes fluently and we've never had a problem of 'miscommunication'.

Karin was the person who introduced me to polymer clay beads. She crafted beautiful lentils and pillows for me to use in my work. Taking a step in another direction where her creativity is concerned, she has been busy weaving gorgeous bracelets, cuffs and necklaces. I have been admiring all of them online and today, in the mail, I received this beautiful bracelet! So much time, effort and love must go into each of her pieces and I am truly grateful to be the owner of one of them! Thank you Karin. I love this bracelet!

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Kamoe said...

So happy to see you receive in short time and you like my "handywork2 ;-))Thank you so much for the lovely comment. It's a small "thank you" for your ever patience with me. I have learned so much... not only to express myself in a different language where I still feel very limited.