Whilst I would have liked to call these gorgeous hint of pink translucent rose quartz brios - ROSIE or BLUSH, I'm calling them PAT because it was whilst I was taking these photos that a friend called Pat, called to say "I hate you" :=)) I'm smiling because she meant it affectionately....she was admiring my work and said she wants everything and then continued with the "I hate you"..... But like I said, its all good.....she will hate me more when she reads that I was doing this whilst laughing and joking with her.

Thank you Pat and I will not forget your request *=*

Back to these beauties. Subtly lush, these are really and truly gorgeous rose quartz stones. Not the fly by night dyed stuff but the baby pink sheer luminosity of a precious cut stone. Teamed with multi coloured spinel rondells and a single mystic pink topaz brio, I think the person I created this for will be more than happy with the end result.

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