We've been blessed with exceptionally cool weather these last couple of weeks. We were finally able to 'test' our Galileo thermometer and it showed a temperature of around 24 degrees and below. This was around 6.30 pm and was accompanied by strong cold winds.
We were spending some time relaxing with our 'mind games' out on the porch - sudoku and scrabble - and as usual our friendly mutt would be close by but yesterday was so chilly that we actually had to wear our hoodies or jackets and of course we didn't forget our budster so we put on his little blue T.

Our days are still nice and sunny but with a cool wind following so its not cloudy or drab.....around noon we experience feather light rain, literally feather light.....tiny, tiny droplets....and the sun is still shining......the beginning of the year gives us longer days and shorter nights - not quite daylight saving time but dawn breaks earlier and dusk sets in later......just beautiful, beautiful weather!

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