Just a shy peek from behind some clouds, our dear friend the Sun is giving me enough rays to redeem myself. Thank you. A tad better lot of photos I should think.
Another custom order.....a request for coin pearls, pearls and rondells....Instead of using coin pearls as requested, I've used keishi petal pearls which, whilst in the general shape of a coin, are a little 'softer' in that they have a slightly irregular shape. Teamed with peach and cloudy white moonstones, prehnite and moonstone brios and freshwater pearls, these are breathtakingly gorgeous and almost bridal......
Whilst I'm thoroughly enjoying the absolutely cool....almost, I do miss my photography ally.....our beautiful sun.....oh well....something's gotta guessed photos but I'm sure the buyer knows what to expect ;p

btw....MOMO means peach in Japanese and is a popular girl's name....just in case you're wondering :D

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