I try not to upload 'personal' photos to my blog anymore as I cannot 'control' who has access to it but then again....who gives a hoot! Just a few sets to show how we've been behavin' or misbehavin' over the last few days.

We sometimes only meet up with some of the relatives once a year.....much to catch up on and because the Lee family have Doctors-on-tap, meaning that one side of the family has no less than 5 doctors so thats the time to ask everything you wanted to know about whatever ails you but were afraid to ask, for free....hahahaa.....ok maybe next year we'll all have to 'pay' for consultation....I found out that the rashes around my ankle - some form of eczema/dermatitis - is caused by my resistance being too high ! Basically, my body is on high alert 24/7 and each time something foreign/alien comes into contact with my foot, my body reacts by 'breaking' out. A natural combatant against the invaders - dust/harsh soaps/pollen/stress....whatever. Unfortunately its not something that I can get rid of known cause but stress can trigger outbreaks, if thats going to make me feel better....bottom line is I have to live with it or keep my feet 'isolated' so they don't come into contact with anything foreign - real or imagined :((
Topical steroids and moisturisers are going to be my consant companions if I want to keep the flare ups under control. I also learnt a little more about steroids.....whilst ingested they can cause major damage to many internal organs, sometimes, conditions like asthma require the use of steroids to alleviate breathing difficulties and provide better quality of life. Topical steroids, especially for the feet which have skin 'tougher' than the rest of the body, are only minimally absorbed into the system....or so we hope. So I'm between a rock and a hard place.....but just a tiny cross to bear in comparison to those who have severe asthma, widespread eczema. Thankfully, only my left ankle is a magnet for 'foreign' whatevers!

Caveat: I am under the care of a dermatologist....sometimes you just need someone unbiased, like a relative, to confirm what you already know. Yesterday's 'family' chatter just reconfirmed what I already know. No surprises.

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