ROSE BL420-11 S$60 SOLD

I'm not really big on Valentine's Day per se because I believe that love is unconditional. We shouldn't have to wait a whole year to tell or show someone how much we love them. Whilst its an amazing commercial tool to make us spend more on 'love' related gifts like flowers/perfumes/heart shaped whatevers, I personally like everyday to be viewed thru' rose tinted basically see the good in everyone and everything so that we hold happiness in our hearts and spread the love. We should show our love for our partner/spouse/family/friends......everyday of our life, not just one day. For that reason I seldom dwell on negative/unhappy things. I gloss over negative opinions and people. Whilst that doesn't mean I'm oblivious to the pain and suffering around us, I don't dwell on it either. In my own way I deal with it without turning the whole thing into a production bigger than Ben Hur. Neither am I of the belief that all my problems (real or imagined) can be resolved by just prayer. If we don't help ourselves, nothing or nobody will or can. OK...I'm off on a tangent but just wanted to make a point because I did receive emails specifically asking why I haven't created any special valentine's day jewellery. hmmm......if I love myself or someone wholeheartedly I can do many things to make myself or the other person feel good without wearing my heart on my sleeve. ALL my creations are crafted with much more can I pour into it? :D

Why am I writing this a day before the anticipated 'love' day? Well, there are some out there who might be alone tomorrow and the next day and the day after that and many days down the road.....I just want to acknowledge them, nobody should feel 'unloved' any day of their life.

Enjoy the designated month of Love and remember always to love yourself and to DO something for someone each day. This should go on for the other 10 months of the year too.

So, back to why I'm here.....whilst this is a lovely romantic pinky creation, it is not specifically crafted with Valentine's day in mind.


Hot pink quartz marquis cut brios
Faceted moonstones, pink topaz rondells
Freshwater pearls
Gold filled & Vermeil findings

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