JOY BL427-11 S$150 LESS 20% - $120 SOLD

Good morning and a start to a good day and a new month!

I've found time and inspiration to complete this necklace. All the specs are indicated on the collage itself.

Friendship can never be bought. Like respect, it is earned. I have accumulated an incredible amount of good friends, those who have stood by me, shown compassion and respect and put aside their own trials and tribulations and spared a thought, a kind word, a prayer for me and my family.

Yesterday, a young lady who is having even bigger issues where her Mum's health is concerned, yet she found the time to organise on behalf of herself and my displaced American Chinese friend - heehee.....displaced because she left her heart in San Francisco and is now residing in HK - to send over a basket of cheer. Truly not necessary but very much appreciated all the same.

As a gesture of appreciation to all my supporters, I will be crafting some special items with a BIG discount. This is the first piece.......Enjoy!

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