And she's back! "She" would mean my best friend from way back when - primary school classmate who is passing through on her way back to Australia after a fabulous holiday in Turkey. As she and another classmate celebrated their respective birthdays in March/April.....I planned a 'surprise' birthday celebration for the 2 of them.

My sister baked a beautiful red velvet cake and .... errrr.....where else can we let our hair down, make fools of ourselves and have a blast without any inhibitions ...... by singing ourselves silly..@ hmmm.... that place of know where I'm talking about :D

The look of absolute surprise is clearly visible on Sheila's face in the bottom left photo.
As I'm usually very punctual, prefer quiet lunches/tea for our get-together's.....Sheila was a little suspicuous this time around as I arranged to meet for dinner and was a tad late....not a tad actually but rather late as my houseguest has the infamous reputation of being "cool and laid back" and never allows anything to rattle her......
All being said, it was an absolutely fun night with more to come!

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