VIOLET BL465-11 S$65 Less 10% - $58 Ooops ! Forgot to add this exciting bit! SOLD

Variety is the spice of life and most artists get bored if they regurgitate the same stuff everytime. That then becomes a production line in a sausage factory. Thats my excuse for the unforgiveable hoard of gemstones/beads I've acquired over a period of time.

I've decided too that my audience would be bored if I came up on stage everyday in a tutu and pirouetted around.....they'd stand up and applaud if I decided to jazz up the tempo a little and offer them the same high standard of dance but with a twist .... long story short.....I'm doing a series of earrings using handmade glass lampwork beads. Each pair will be different and of course each will be OOAK.

To kick off my latest performance is a pair of earrings featuring pink amethyst brios, freshwater pearls, lemon quartz and amethyst rondells.....the lampwork beads are 12mm across and 10mm high, a mix of opaque and transparent.....

And so begins a mini series of performances for the last month in the first quarter of the year.

This pair drops @ approx 5 cm.....

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