Been busy the entire day and only just managed to take photos of these. If I were to give a weather report I'd say "Cloudy and humid, possibly rain in certain parts of the island"...... The humidity is so high i can envisage the process of precipitation where the moisture is squeezed out of the atmosphere and we'd have some relief in the form of rainfall.....but I don't think its going to happen.

These gorgeous faceted briolettes are actually a lovely lemony shade of yellow but it's showing up as a dark citrine. Just picture this.....lemon yellow briolettes, teal, peridot, carnellian, lemon quartz, garnet, pink topaz rondelles and pearls and a mystic carnellian little briolette cold lemonade with chips of fruit sherbet. Drop of approx 5 cm and they are spoken for.....;p

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