This is a post to share something which I think is beneficial to ourselves as well as to our environment.

A friend has started a company distributing natural skincare products. These products are manufactured in Korea and use the highest quality ingredients and are safe from harmful chemicals. She has always championed 'natural' foods which we ingest into our bodies and I guess the next level would be products we apply to the outside of our bodies.

La Soie Silk Crystal ® products are:

  • Free of Alcohol
  • Free of Paraben or other Synthetic Preservatives
  • Free of Mineral Oil
  • Free of Silicone
  • Free of Propylene Glycol
  • Free of Synthesized Chemical Fragrances
  • Free of Synthesized Chemical Colouring Agents
Prices range from as low as $52 to $268 for their premium range.

I have a list of items I plan to purchase and will follow up with comments.

Check out her website. If you have any enquiries, please contact the company directly @

Love Natural Hotline:

+65 8207 9896



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