In recent days I've been more than inspired to work on necklaces mainly due to the fact that I am also working on several custom orders for necklaces. Whilst I find myself more inclined to do slightly more elaborate pieces than what I've done previously, the dilemma for me is cost....not to me because I'd consider my inventory/overheads/labour/intellectual skill as 'sunk costs'. Rather, its pricing my work that I have a problem with. I've been accused of 'underselling' and 'spoiling the market' blah blah blah....whilst it may seem so to crafters around me, its never my intention to 'undersell'......Is there even such a term? Oh well, in my opinion, I try to be fair. I am very passionate about my craft. Seeing the end product and to spend time asking my number one critic - my husband - his opinion and hearing his feedback and improving/reworking/perfecting each piece gives me a whole lot of satisfaction. It would also be foolish to think that I don't recover my costs....the big issue here is "am I being fair?" Fair to myself and fair to my customers. I hope I'm doing both. So whilst I will continue with what I consider my mid range pieces - below S$100, I would also like to venture and create higher end pieces as I do have a huge hoarde of really exquisite gemstones which I feel would be a shame if I don't put to good use.

Now to the piece at hand. I love, love, love this.....vanilla in the shape of pearls and ice in the form of that chunk of rock danglling in the centre of the 4 strands of fr4eshwater pearls. This quartz centerpiece is absolutely stunning.....I used a flash and thats really messed up the clairty of this beauty. I've also included 2 swarovski crystals encrusted balls - slightly askew and not meant to be symmetrical - and a pette, crystal encrusted bail which is removable so you can wear this necklace minus the pendant if you'd rather a less elaborate neckpiece.

I am slightly obsessive compulsive when it comes to my ....'ve guessed it....I will retake these the meantime, I'll admire this on my end :p

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