LILLE BL544-11 S$58 SOLD

A little while back I mentioned clearing my huge inventory of beads that are not in my 'gemstone' inventory. This is a lovely piece featuring items from that particular inventory of beads/findings. I will try and divide my time equally between the two sets of creations - the regular gemstone pieces and the glass/clay/CZ beads which I will deem BelLee Lite ;p

I'm being persuaded by my good friend Lis who is encouraging me to set up an Etsy shop to cater for this line......thinking about it but I do like my blog because its free of encumberances and I can price my work without having to factor in things like paypal commish and Etsy fees :D

Anyway, thats my problem or mine to ponder, and whilst I do that, I'll use this blog as my outlet for these 'lite' pieces.

This lovely Laura Ashley influenced colours feature frosted sea glass, handmade felt roses, polymer clay beads by my other good friend Karin of Kamoe-Clay who sadly is not producing anymore of these beads so I am keeping some of them for posterity. The lemony shaded square pillows are lemon chrysoprase and the chains and links are satin Hamilton gold plated. Hamilton gold plating is supposedly harder and more durable than normal gold plating and has a lovely light gold colour similar to 14k gold fill. All said and done, this is a 'steal' as the same craftsmanship and detailing has gone into creating this necklace.

This necklace measures 36"

ps - these are indoor photos

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