I shall first of all say "Thank You" to the Man above for the glorious cool weather we're having today after almost an entire week of 31 degrees C and 100% humidity. Its been cloudy, wet and raining. So "yay" for the cool weather. I will refrain from blaming the lack of sunshine for my poor photo taking. Still learning to adjust the aperture/white balance :((

Anyway you look at it, these are just gorgeous beads and pearls. The nacre on the pearls - both the vermeil encased ones and the keishi strand, are quite amazing.....dazzling even. Pink opals encased in vermeil add a nice blush to the creation. All metal components - chains/wires/fasteners/rings are 14k gold filled, with the exception of the 24k gold vermeil bezels encasing the elongated pearls and the opals.

Length of outer layer is 22", inner layer is approx 21". Extension chain of 1-3/4" ending with a faceted pink opal brio. Timeless elegance.....

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