Whilst the clouds lifted and its now nice and cool and I could say almost bright for 6.30 pm, I struggled with capturing the gorgeous mystique of these large amethyst brios. Pear shape and mystic, they exude a captivating sheen. The effect is inherent in the stone due to the way the stone is 'cut' and not the result of external chemical enhancement.

A swarovski encrusted spacer adds to the glitz and these are topped by pink amethyst, dark purple amethyst, pink topaz and rubies.

Specs: Brios 18mm x 12mm
Drop: 4cm

These are at a giveaway price as its raining gemstones in my workroom and I reallllly, realllllly need to exercise some gemstone shopping restraint, but yah, the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak so I'll shop till I drop or I run out of moolah, whichever comes sooner :D

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