Ametrine - I am truly fascinated by this gemstone. I just wish I had some sunlight to take some really good photos of this.

This pendant weighs 27.5 carats and measures 25mm x 18mm at its broadest, gorgeous facets and color shading. The real thing is pretty close in colour to the link on Wikipedia. Pendant is removable and can be used on a simple gold chain or on another necklace with complemeting stone colours.

To show off this beauty, faceted ametrine, pale rose quartz, citrine topaz, amethyst and topaz stones form a 20"/24.5 cm necklace with a generous 2-3/4"/8 cm extension.

A pink amethyst onion brio hangs at the end of the extension chain.

PS - This is a natural forming quartz but heat treated to enhance the colouring. No artificially added colours.

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