I custom ordered these gorgeous ruby zoisite nuggets. I didn't want them too chunky nor too small. These are perfectly sized. Since Ruby is going to town (although Kenny Rogers did tell her not to take her love to town ;p - from the song RUBY DON'T TAKE YOUR LOVE TO TOWN) I 'dolled' her up a fair bit. Assymetrically placed, on one side is a magnificent red ruby and white quartz pave ball. 'Pave' means the gemstones are placed by hand into the jewellery. I don't think this ball is handmade though. On the other side of the necklace, slightly higher than the pave ball, is a cluster line consisting of keishi freshwater parls, pink sapphires, rubies, rose quartz. So.....Ruby is all set to paint the town red!

Necklace length: 18"+ 2"extension chain with a smooth ruby brio at the end.
Pave ball : Approx. 12mm
Rondell cluster: 25mm

Chain + wirework - 24k goldfilled
Headpins + pave ball - 22k Gold Vermeil

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