Clear blue skies, nice warm sunshine and a cool breeze....I can 'smell' Christmas.

Was up at the crack of dawn hoping for a day like the one I just described and I wasn't disappointed.
I completed this necklace yesterday evening but it was cloudy towards evening and not really good lighting for amateur photographers like myself so I held off taking any photos.

The lovely sunshine and my fiddling with the white balance has still not helped me capture the truly unique and gorgeous lavender blue colour of the blue lace agate I've used here. Faceted, some opaque, some translucent, some with natural banding, I've hoarded these agates for a while and then I found a perfect partner for them. These polymer clay lentils have almost the same shade of blue as the agate. Vermeil and gold fill metal components and little brios and rondells of blue and pink topaz, amethyst and apatite.


Necklace length: 18-1/2"
Lentils: 20mm
Agate: 12mm

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