Its cold, wet and quite dark....almost like Winter elsewhere....but we have no winter. Just tropical/moonsoonal rains and its been kind of crazy these last few weeks. Gloriously bright sunshiney mornings and by noon, the dark clouds start to roll along bringing with it rumbling thunder and flashes of lightning. Singapore has the highest incidence of lightning strikes in the world. That bit of information is neither here nor there but its good to know. I guess its because we're so close to the Equator....another bit of irrelevant information :D

I still need to take photos and get my work up online come rain or shine 'cept that sunshine is my ally and 'assists' in my phototaking.

These chunkalicious globs of ice are beautiful, calibrated and faceted quartz ovals. Really beautiful faceting. I've gone for a pink frosty look. Lovely champagne (with loads of pink flash) keishi pearls, small silver keishi pearls, pink topaz brios and rondells and moonstones and rose quartz rondells.

These stunners drop @ 5cm and the rocks weigh in @ a hefty 31 carats. Blushfully beautiful!

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