Glorious Sunday, beautiful sunshine and fingers crossed that the weather won't take a turn like its done the last couple of weeks. Rain in December is nostalgic.....for me at least, its reminiscent of Christmas....even my children can discern the 'Christmas rain' from our normal tropical/moonsoonal rains. To others it might just be a bane because the roads are wet, traffic on the streets crawl and there's a chance that a passing vehicle might get too close to the road edge where there's 'water ponding' and the backlash must be a very unpleasant experience for those unfortunate enough to have been splashed by it......For me and my family, its all part of our uniquely Singaporean Christmases. Oh yes, with the Christmas light up in Orchard Road, its really fairy-like when its drizzling at night and there's an added aura around the lights. I love all of it, rain, wet, cool, sometimes cold, but so nostalgic......and then you come home and the house 'smells' of Christmas, the scent of vanilla from cookies that were baked earlier in the day, cinnamon, brandy in which the fruits for the fruitcake have been 'sitting'......all in preparation for the biggest birthday event Christian families are prepping to celebrate.

I've gone off on a tangent a bit but I wanted to share with those outside of Singapore what this period 'feels' like for us who don't have 4 seasons.

Featured above are 2 bespoke pieces......anklets with gemstone connectors - much, much smaller than the connectors used in my bracelets and necklaces. These feature amethyst and blue topaz.

This is to fulfill a request for an assortment of items which the buyer is going to be 'gifting' to her very blessed friends.

Goldfilled chains, wirework, rings and clasps. Gemstones are vermeil encased.

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