Its a glorious Saturday out here in sunny Singapore. The sun is out, beautiful cool breeze, leaves are gently rustling as the wind flows through and the birds are singing. We've learnt that there is usually a stillness where the wind chimes stop moving, birds stop singing and the plants and trees are standing like they would before a grand parade means we're in for a thunderstorm. Its the exact opposite this morning. Birds are flying around, chirping, whistling, calling and the plants are gently swaying and I can feel the breeze brush against me as I stand out in the garden taking photos of this lovely necklace I finished last night.

The egg shape pearls are shell pearls in the most delectable shades of pink, cream, chocolate (although it looks bronze in the photos) and deep maroon. Non-tarnish brass chains, polymer clay lentils and almost identical toned freshwater irregular shape pearls and non-tarnish swivel lobster clasp. I love these new clasps I've acquired.
39" in total length.

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