VAL BL813-12 S$78 SOLD

We've come to the end of another week, time is moving way too fast so just make the best of each day as its presented to you.

Out here in Singapore, we're having the hottest of afternoons, albeit with a nice cool breeze but the sun is shining through cloudless skies and I sympathise those that need to be outdoors. Cloistered in my cool workroom, I completed a three strand necklace that can be worn wound 2x round the neck. 3 strands comprise freshwater pearls and a few faceted chrysoprase brios, one strand features round faux pearls. The chains used are premium gold plated, not the usual sort that fades or flakes. The plating is matte gold. Wirework used is gold filled. Necklace measures approx 40" for each strand. Each strand of chain is different from the other. One strand features really adorable, matte plated hearts.

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